The Polygon Gallery

Project Value: $18 Million
Contractor: Haebler Construction
Architects: Patkau Architects
Project Status: Completed in 2017

The Polygon Gallery opened the doors to their new home in November of 2017.  The facility is a unique 28,000 sf boutique gallery that focuses on photographic media art, and is among the most well-respected galleries in North America. 

The gallery features a 4,500 sf gallery space, that has the highest quality environmental and light controls, along with extensive data and power wiring – but all of it is hidden through custom and careful architectural detailing.  The exterior of the gallery features a galvanized and stainless steel cladding that uses industrial grating planks – an original design by Patkau Architects. 

Our staff led the design from beginning to end, the construction procurement and successful construction implementation.  Our primary challenge was in understanding and clarifying the specific user requirements and ensuring that these were embedded in the design, no matter how unusual they seemed. 

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