Site C Workers Accommodation

Project Value: $470 Million
Architects: Stantec
Project Status: completed in 2016

Darren was the Design Principal-In-Charge for the design of the industrial workers camp to accommodate 2,200 workers needed to build the Site C hydro electric project. The camp was designed to be self-sufficient and to accommodate the fluctuating number of workers to minimize the impact on nearby communities. The quality of worker accommodation was a key component of the BC Hydro’s labour approach to attract and retain workers in a period of high demand for skilled labour. Guest rooms have a private bathroom, a TV and Wi-Fi services. In addition, workers have choices regarding dining options, indoor and outdoor recreational amenities, as well as leisure and entertainment facilities. Key design principles for the camp included the need to preserve the natural landscape, minimize travel distances, maximize views of the valley through the siting location, the separation of service and pedestrian access routes and adherence to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). The project was fast tracked and delivered on time.