Our services span all stages of the project - from concept & business case development to completion and delivery - and are tailored to each client’s specific needs, goals, and budget.  Follow the path below for more details.


Problem or Need

Nobody knows your organization better than you, so this stage is all about us learning as much as we can to help identify your needs.  This allows us to customize the solutions to your project and organization.

Strategic Planning

High-level assistance with strategic objectives to solve the problem and address the need.  Seeing a wide cross-section of initiatives from across multiple industries, we can offer unique and independent perspectives. 
Deliverable: A project vision and set of objectives.

Project Organization

Establishing governance structures, roles and responsibilities needed for the project.   
Deliverable: Project organization chart.

Cost Estimating

Estimating the capital cost of the project at a schematic level.  Typically based on past precedence $/sf, adjusted for current market conditions.  Additionally, estimating the operating cost of the building, including energy costs, maintenance costs and overall staffing costs.      
Deliverable: Project cost estimate and budget; lifecycle cost budget.


Estimating the project schedule based on general concepts including area, number of floors, number of parking stalls, and potential demolition/site preparation work.  For complex projects, a pull-planning session will assist in developing the schedule.
Deliverable: Project schedule baseline.

Business Case or Proforma

Involves pulling together project vision, objectives, concept designs, revenue forecasts and cost forecasts into one document.  May also include developing a financing model for the project. 
Deliverable: Business Case or Proforma.

Feasibility Study

Various design concepts are evolved and presented as options to ownership.  The concepts are accompanied with respective proformas.  For complex projects a Multiple Accounts Analysis can be used to rank and determine a preferred option.   
Deliverable: Feasibility Study with Preferred Option.

Project Charter

The key elements of the project are summarized into a simple document that provides guidance to the PM, design, and construction teams, assisting them with decision making every step of the way.     
Deliverable: Project Charter.

Due Diligence Reviews

Sometimes an independent, experienced pair of eyes can provide new ideas or outlooks that markedly improve the project.  Hidden cost savings, design omissions, or challenging the status quo can all contribute to finding a ‘better way.’  

Deliverable: A due diligence audit report, complete with red-lined drawings and/or highlighted contract documents.  It will summarize the next steps and indicate the possible savings.  These reviews can be completed in 1-2 weeks and can often provide savings ~1-10% of the construction cost.

Transition Management

There is a gap in the delivery of most projects, where the project team finishes and facilities management starts.  Often the transition and hand-over is done poorly, with little to no communication with the end-user.  We offer a specialized service to manage this transition.  Our specialist managers will ensure:

  • Security codes and access cards are assigned to specific staff and activated
  • Phones are programmed and numbers assigned to specific staff
  • Coordination of the stocking of critical supplies in advance to move in
  • Key signage and wayfinding is installed
  • All new furniture, IT, and AV has been planned, procured, coordinated and installed as required by the stakeholders 
  • All relocation of existing furniture, IT, AV and personal possessions has been thoroughly planned, communicated and coordinated in line with client requirements
  • All existing equipment decommissioning and relocation has been fully planned, including any required CSA certifications
  • Site orientations and staff relocation plans have been created and communicated
  • Training for new equipment and systems has been organized
  • Asset tagging and the tracking of any asset changes has been logged with facilities teams
  • Operational contracts have been updated (janitorial, life safety inspections, maintenance)


  1. An organized and comprehensive FF&E scope list and procurement plan (including any relocated items)
  2. Smooth operational transition, with less down-time and snags in operational start-up
  3. Comprehensive training to use the facility as designed
  4. Happy staff

Communications Planning

Prepare a communications plan that outlines the roles and responsibilities for the broader project team.  It also covers meeting requirements, reporting, and restrictions with external communications.
Deliverable: Communications Plan.

Risk Management

Conduct a risk workshop and incorporate risk from numerous standpoints.  Evaluate risks by probabilty and potential impact; list risks in a risk register, along with mitigation strategies; use the register to help inform the appropriate contingency for the project.
Deliverable: Risk Register.

Design Reviews

Conduct continual reviews of drawing submissions, focusing on potential value engineering opportunities and design coordination.
Deliverable: Red-line drawing mark-ups and potential cost saving ideas.

Constructability Reviews

Conduct constructability workshops and conduct drawing reviews that assist with ensuring engineering structures and systems are condusive to simple construction.   
Deliverable: Constructabilty plans, models and details.

Stakeholder Representation

Assist with managing multiple user stakeholders and acting as their primary point of contact.  Discuss project objectives and create alignment with the Users various perspectives.  Represent the stakeholders in design meetings to ensure important design elements are incorporated.  Achieve sign-off from user groups at key design milestones.  
Deliverable: User Stakeholder sign-offs at key milestones.

Permitting Assistance

Lead strategic sessions on permitting, including CP strategies, early pre-meeting agendas, and timing for expending political capital.  Negotiate with municipal planners on the Owner's behalf.  Expedite permit processing.
Deliverable: Development Permit and/or Building Permit.

Delivery Method Strategy

Outline various delivery methods for the project, including stipulated sum, CM at Risk, CM as Agent, design/build, design/assist, IPD, and design/build/finance.  Make recommendations for which method to use based on the Owner's risk tolerance, timelines, and current industry conditions.
Deliverable: Selected Delivery Method and Contract Type.

Tendering Administration

Prepare tender documents, generate interest within the contracting community, recommend pre-qualified contractors, host a site walkthrough, receive and answer questions from proponents, ensure adequate trade coverage, receive and analyze tenders, prepare summary sheet and make recommendation to award to the Owner.
Deliverable: Multiple Tender Submissions; Recommended Contractor.

Contract Preparation

Populate contracts, negotiate any final terms and conditions, oversee final execution.
Deliverable: Fully Executed Contract.

Construction Administration

Conduct construction administration activities, including review of site progress, change order negotiation, invoice approval, expediting problem resolution, providing monthly reports.  Option to act as Payment Certifier.
Deliverable: Monthly reports, including budget and schedule updates.

Claim & Delay Management

Protect the Owner against unreasonable cost and delay claims.  Proactively flag delay risks to avoid them entirely.  Document delays that do occur and use clear record-keeping in evaluation of any claim.
Deliverable: Delay logs, if required.

Owner-Supplied Management

Manage any suppliers or trades contracted directly to the Owner.  Ensure their work is coordinated with the overall construction schedule.  Manage the budget for these items to inform the overall budget.  This can include FF&E supply, off-shore sourced materials, and specialty trades (security).
Deliverable: Various deliverables for owner-supplied vendors.

Operational Readiness

Develop an Operational Readiness Plan that kick-starts the requirements for operating the new facility.  Includes organization chart, roles and responsibilities, training requirements, procurement that is still required, relocation/moving planning, and clearly conveyed expectations on construction status during move-in.
Deliverable: Operational Readiness Plan.


Administer warranty issues throughout the warranty period.  Be the primary point of contact and ensure accountability from contractors.  During this time provide the final project report. 
Deliverable: Final Project Report.

Warranty & Final Report

Review deficiencies with the prime consultant and set a high quality standard if not provided by the consultant.  Prepare the overall deficiency list that encapsultes the consultant's deficiencies, as well as Owner-identified deficiencies.  Assign costs to outstanding deficiencies and recommend deficiency holdback.
Deliverable: Deficiency List and Holdback.